FujisoftKikaku Inc.
Information Security Policy
The progress of the network society, as represented by e-mail and internet,brought in dramatic efficiency improvements for the company's business activities.
On the negative side, the leakage of personal information and the risk of cyber terrorism are growing.
From now, ensuring information security is an important challenges for the company.

FUJISOFT KIKAKU Inc. unifies the attitude toward information security ensuring secrecy, preventing mal-usage or unauthorized access etc.
This is supported through the following policy initiatives.

Ecompliance of laws and rules, construction of administrative structure

We fully comply with Information Security laws and Rules, constructing a stable administrative structure in order to protect information assets.

Estable operation of Information Systems

We undertake technical security measures to ensure the stable operation of Information Systems, providing secrecy, completeness and system availability.

Eedification of information security

To heighten awareness about Information Security among all employees engaged with information assets, we educate and train administrators and employees.

Eaudit and improvement

In complying with Information Security Policy and company regulations we conduct an internal audit.
As a result, we continually try to improve the stability of our administrative structure.

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