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 FUJISOFT KIKAKU Inc. is special subsidiary of FUJISOFT INCORPORATED which provides operations in a wide sphere like communication system, finance system, distributive system etc. as Independent IT Solution Vendor.

 Company established as KR KIKAKU LLC. 1991, its name changed to FUJISOFT KIKAKU Inc. 2000, and it was certified as special subsidiary by Japanese Health Minister the same year.

 Main operations are fabrication of all sorts of print like business card,envelope,circular,ticket, pamphlet etc., web creation, update and administration of web, inputting data, administration of web server, inclusion and sealing direct mail.

 FUJISOFT KIKAKU Inc. introduces working environment in which each employee has own PC and flexible working time not core time, arranges working environment in which disabled people are easy to work, and at the same time has every employees hone information technology skill through work every day.

 We always keep reminding ourselves attitude of learning, strengthen service,contribute to the society through work, and we want to build up company where we can work all our lives.

FSK Management principles
1. Self-reliance and Contribution
  • We FSK learn and grow up through work,
    and through work we contribute to the world

Self-reliance means that everyone can make decisions for itself and act correctly without any support from others,
and that he/she always keep attitude of learning, broaden its knowledge, and improve its skills.
This will make each person useful to the world, and each can contribute to the society.
It will let each feel the work is rewarding, and mature each as a person.

2. Company where we can work all our lives
  • Don't think what our company will do for us
    Think what we can do for our Company

Since its establishment till now, FSK has strengthened its service, and expanded and developed its business with supports of many people.
We together keep producing good results and build up “Company where we can work all our lives”, not only for us working now but also employees in the future.

FSK Action guideline
  1. People can grow up by facing difficulties
    First, pile up small successful experiences.
    Success produces self-confidence, and then self-confidence will lead to bigger success
  2. Study, ask and think until you fully understand,
    then keep doing that until you can make it.
    Never become a person who gives up.
  3. Joy of learning things you didn't know
    Joy of learning things you couldn't do
    From now on, there are full of such joyfulness waiting in our life.
  4. That work is your product, which shows your character.

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