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  • We don't know what effects the web can have.
  • We don't monitor or update our website.
  • Another company's website looks more effective.
  • We don't get it at all.
  • We want to utilize the web to get customers to our company.
  • We want to use the web for promotions.
  • We want to enrich our website experience.
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Inputting Data
  • We searched through documents all day.
  • Some past documents have been misplaced.
  • Filing before and after using a PC are different.
  • We are worried about divulging information.
  • We want to utilize resources effectively.
  • We want to adopt a more creative work ethic.
  • We work overtime to input data.
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Business Cards
  • The client doesn't remember our business outline.
  • We don't think we project a strong image.
  • We can't differentiate ourselves from other companies.
  • We are not good at branding.
  • We want to make business card a simple and convenient tool for promotions.
  • The cost of design is an important factor.
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on-the-job training
  • I want to participate in on-the-job training.
  • I can't find information about job offers for mentally disabled people.
  • We want to request a lecture about the employment of disabled people.
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Contact Us
  • We are interested in FUJISOFT KIKAKU Inc.
  • We want to visit FUJISOFT KIKAKU Inc.
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